'/etc/config/network' missing - x86 VM

Tonight I try to create virtual machine as a soft router by WMware Workstation 15.5. The operating system of my computer is Window10. And the CPU of my PC is 10th-i5. I choose this image:

(I download "combined-squashfs.img.gz" and unzip it...)

I installed the system step by step and successfully launch the system.
Then I can see "OPENWRT" welcome screen and a warning "There is no root password defined on this device ...".

So far, everything seems normal. Then 2 strange things come up:

  1. I try to set password by command "passwd". But it failed, with error message "passwd: no space left on device!".
  2. I try to modify /etc/config/network to configure my VAN. But sadly there isn't this file at all.

Can anybody help me, or have encounter this situation? I'm just a green hand. After a few days I have to do this on a Wifi Router, I'm a little worried...



It's unbelievable! You've completely solved my problems.
Thanks you so much :grinning:

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