eSata and 5GHz on WRT3200ACM

Hello all here.

I'm totaly new with this...
But i got me a Linksys WRT3200ACM and flashed it with OpenWrt right away.

But now i have a few problems that i cant seems to fix.

The first of them is that i want to connect a ESATA HDD to the router but it wont show up in the Luci GUI. even after i have installed a few ESATA packetes is it still missing.
I have tryed to SSH in to the router software and fast discovered that my limited knowledge about Linux commands was far from what was needed to fix it.

Also i have a problem whit getting my 5 GHz network to work.
It's saying that it enable and having a BSSID.

Also for the record. my 5 GHz network is on radio0 and radio2 is not in activated.

is there someone there can point me in a direction to how i can solve it so i can get my network up and runnin again?

Found a fix for the 5 GHz not working by using this script that i found here

I have tested it on my device and theres no problems with the 5 GHz band now...

Now the only problem left is the ESATA so i can use it to a SAMBA share.

if it doesn't show up in OS, you will not find it in Luci.

if you connect it, and it's detected in dmesg, next step is to try to mount it, assuming you have the right fs support modules installed.

The problem is that nither USB or eSATA storage are detected.

I have tried the lsusb command the reported the command or file did not exist.

Also i have no menu option for mount or anything like that to controlle such thing.. i have trued install drivers and mount software with no luck.

Therefore i turned to this forum to see if i did something wrong which there's a big chance of do to my limited knowledge.

Lsusb requires the usbutils package.

detected where?

That i had installed when i tested.
in the system.

As stated have i installed drivers for both USB and eSata and after that connected a hard drive (both USB and eSata sepretly) and runned lsusb in CLI that say i cant do that.

And when i look in the luci interface are there no menu point for anything there looks like storage..

in that case, post the error message ....

For some reason do the router se my 3G USB dongle that i have a future plan to work on.
i don't know what has happened the few days do to i have been working on other things on the router the last few days.

but how ever.
the SD Card placed in it should (and may be registered do to a few listed devices)
but i still dont see any mount options and i have both usbutils installed and also mount-utils.

That's very far from a working environment for USB storage.

I have also tryed multiple drivers and nothing new.
i have followed 5-8 guides with no luck and have now revoked it all to try from a fresh page and find a guide there will work.

What drivers ?

you could start here

I searched on setting up storage on the router and setting up samba.

In those was there speaking of some kerbal drivers and USB/eSata files to install.

And no matter what guide i followed did i end up with files installed and missing menu points for mount and storage.

The only thing I got to work so far was a menu for samba.

But as said before have i revoked All the work now so I don't end up with a setup there's broken do to conflicted setups.

But i will give the link a try and see if i get it to work.

Seems like some steps are "missing" in the like you provided.

I followed the guide step by step and there was still no mount point option in the LuCi GUI.. i tryed opdate the browser, no luck.
i logged off and on again and there was no changes.
but after a reboot there was a change. the mount point option apeared. and non of those 3 steps was described nowhare in the guide..