Errors in Automated WireGuard site-to-site VPN configuration


I'm trying to use the information from, but keep getting the following errors: (I have filled in the variables and set WG_TRIAL to non-empty.)

root@HOST:~# sh /root/
: not line 27:
: not line 28: clear
|     Automated WireGuard Script     |
|          Site-to-Site VPN          |
|          Script generator          |
Donening variables...
: not line 78:
/root/ line 242: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "then")

I am new to this, my linux experience is beginner. I appreciate any help that you can offer. I'm trying to create a VPN between our house and office. I'm using 2 Linksys MR8300's that are bother running OpenWrt.

The file contains Windows newlines (\r\n). Convert it to UNIX format before executing it.


Thank you. I ALWAYS forget about that. :DOH:

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