[ERROR xtm] bcmxapi_xmit_packet,309: rdpa_cpu_tx_port_enet_or_dsl_w

I have got a Technicolor CobraXh modem/router with OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r13153-2d8d882019
Quite often, the router hangs and after reboot, I am getting the following error:
[ERROR xtm] bcmxapi_xmit_packet,309: rdpa_cpu_tx_port_enet_or_dsl_wan() for XTM port returned -13 (wan_flow: 127 queue_id: 7)
Unfortunately, troubleshooting of this problem is beyond of my ISP help desk, so I decided to bother you.
I will appreciate, if you could give me some ideas what a reason of this problem and suggestion how to fix it.

It appears you are using firmware that is not from the official OpenWrt project.

When using forks/offshoots/vendor-specific builds that are "based on OpenWrt", there may be many differences compared to the official versions (hosted by OpenWrt.org). Some of these customizations may fundamentally change the way that OpenWrt works. You might need help from people with specific/specialized knowledge about the firmware you are using, so it is possible that advice you get here may not be useful.

You may find that the best options are:

  1. Install an official version of OpenWrt, if your device is supported (see https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org).
  2. Ask for help from the maintainer(s) or user community of the specific firmware that you are using.
  3. Provide the source code for the firmware so that users on this forum can understand how your firmware works (OpenWrt forum users are volunteers, so somebody might look at the code if they have time and are interested in your issue).

If you believe that this specific issue is common to generic/official OpenWrt and/or the maintainers of your build have indicated as such, please feel free to clarify.

Please talk to Technicolor, their proprietary firmware is quite different (apart from being very old, over 10'000 commits behind) from OpenWrt, relying on Broadcom's binary kernel modules. Vanilla OpenWrt has no support for the Broadcom xDSL modem at all, meaning your issues are exclusively within the closed source parts provided by Broadcom/ Technicolor.

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