Error when using SPI device on HLK-7688 module

Hi manu80,

Until now, I have still uncompleted when running a application on SPI peripheral. I tried to custom the DTS file. But, it wasn’t better than another. By the way the, it only run with RAK firmware


Vào CN, 17 thg 11, 2019 lúc 03:50 Manuel via OpenWrt Forum đã viết:

Hi @manu80,
I'm also stuck in same issue to support driver for sx1276 lora module on openwrt router.Any suggestions.

Thank you for advance.

This topic is very confusing. But some solutions exist for long time ago! It’s very embracing that openwrt does not include the patchs/mantain them.
One solution it’s to enable spi bitbang. (Search Vocore2 SPI). And just to remember that i2c also does not works well. MT76x8 platform is very popular but it lacks of attention on openwrt.

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