Error updating openwrt-keyring error code 255

Any idea how this error can be solved?

Collected errors:
 * check_data_file_clashes: Package openwrt-keyring wants to install file /etc/opkg/keys/f234876236w6*******
	But that file is already provided by package  * base-files
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package openwrt-keyring.

Error code 255

Thank you for your help.

No need to upgrade that keyring package separately.

Its contents & packaging have changed a bit, and you already have the key via base-files.

Would it be "bad" to force the upgrade of this package?

It should be unnecessary. The keys are rather permanent.

Each firmware contains the buildbot (release / branch ) keys that are needed for installing packages for that release / branch. You do not need the master key 19.07 (and vice versa), as the packages are incompatible in any case.

(There has once been an accidental private key removal, in 2019, and new 17.01 and 18.06 keys were issued, if I remember right. Otherwise there has not been much need for new keys for a firmware.)

OpenWrt Keyring update error - #2 by vgaetera

Thanks. Used the opkg --force-overwrite upgrade openwrt-keyring command as described in the link you provided.

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