Error Uninstalling software (and installing cuz low space)

Hi, I'm triying to uninstall software, but didn't work because this ruoter has low memory.
Is there any solution for this case?

I add a pic with the problem.

PD: I want to install luci-app-sqm to limit the bandwitch of PS4.


You can't really remove files that are part of the base image this way because they are actually written to the ROM partition. What actually happens is that you take up more space because the system must make a file to mark the original file as 'removed' (even though it still exists in ROM, it will be ignored).

In order to save space, you'll need to create your own image using the image builder. By doing this, you can remove packages from the image itself. Although it might be better to consider using extroot (if your device has a usb port or a card slot for removable memory), or better yet get new hardware.

As an aside, I would very strongly advise not removing dropbear -- this is the ssh server, and if you remove it, you will not be able to ssh into the device, even in failsafe mode, should you ever need to, making it much easier to end up with a bricked device. You're better off actually removing LuCI than dropbear!


Thank you for your recomendation. It's time to buy a new one, but isn't easy, I need that the router had range extender / repeater.


The fastest solution would be to install a snapshot - if you can configure it via CLI. This will remove LuCI.