Error trying to revert default Archer C7v5 firmware

Hey guys

I have Archer C7v5 and I'm trying to return to TP-LINK's default Firmware via TFPT, but it only loads up to 15% and gives an error.
I've tried with IP and, holding the reset button and I also tried holding the WPS+Reset button and the same thing happens.
I'm stuck with OpenWRT. Could anyone help me? Thanks.

have you read ?

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No friend. I hadn't read it. I saw the report about configuring the TFTP64 program in the GLOBAL and TFPTP tab. I will try.

Don't forget to disable the firewall.


I'm using Windows 11 Pro. I disabled it and will try again.

Hey, friend. Thank you for your help. I managed to solve. I followed the last step of version 5 and the settings in the tfpt64 program and it worked! I was able to return to the default firmware version.

Thank you very much!

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