Error pxe-e79 / PXE-booting on PC-Engines Alix 2d3 fails

Hello everyone,

So when I attempt to perform a PXE-boot on my PC-Engines Alix 2d3 board, I get the mentioned pxe-e79: nbp is too big to fit in free base memory error.
I am using dnsmasq to serve a bootable image to the board (it is a ramfs.bzImage file, size 7.9 MB), my laptop is a DHCP and TFTP server in this case.
Here is the script that I run in the background before trying to boot:


set -e
set -x

sudo ifconfig $interface down
sudo ifconfig $interface up

sudo iptables -I INPUT 1 -i $interface -j ACCEPT


sudo dnsmasq -p 0 -i $interface -d -K --log-dhcp --bootp-dynamic -z --dhcp-range=,,,1h --dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,pxeserver, --pxe-service=0,"Lede",lede-x86-64-ramfs.bzImage --enable-tftp --tftp-root=$curr_dir --leasefile-ro --tftp-secure --user=$my_userid

I found some clues about this potentially being down to DHCP option 67 pointing to a .efi (UEFI) while we are trying to boot up a legacy BIOS device, but I could not move on from here.
Anyone encountered a similar problem before?
Thank you for your input.

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