Error OpenWrt with Qemu - as said to be the simplest method that can be used to test an image

OS: Ubuntu 18 (64-bit)

Qemu Version: QEMU emulator version 6.1.0 (v2.6.0-46508-g765d440597)
Copyright (c) 2003-2021 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developers
Test Image:

Terminal Command:
$ ./qemu-system-arm -nographic -M virt -m 64 -kernel ~/Downloads/openwrt-armvirt-64-Image-initramfs

When I tried to follow the documentation its seems that I did exact way to run it, but Im not so sure why is that no response from the terminal and QemU GUI not showing.

I might have a problem with Qemu version or other tools missing not in the documentation,.Any help would be great!

Update: Image version 32-bit works but not with 64-bit image

easiest testing should be booting it from a usb flash drive, without touching your current OS/environment ?

Sadly, I don't have the actually device here. so while waitng for it to arrive I think running on QEMU emulator would be the best choice.

For x86_64, maybe, this is a well-abstracted and generic target - for anything else, including ARM, no. There is no alternative to testing on the bare iron there.