Error log with firewall


since some days I receive that kind of message in the log, idea?


user.notice pbr: Reloading pbr due to includes of firewall user.notice pbr: Reload on firewall action aborted: service not running.

Not an error, just a user information notice

On the face of it I would surmise you have installed pbr and have disabled the pbr service.

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I don’t use pbr at present, but if you check ls /etc/hotplug.d/firewall you will likely find a pbr hotplug script that causes your syslog entry.

That's actually because /usr/share/pbr/pbr.firewall.include is included as a firewall script, but if pbr fails to discover the existing gateways, it doesn't reload with the firewall.


so do we have to reload firewall?

In /etc/hotplug.d/firewall, firewall folder is empty, nothing in it, you seem to say that I should have a script?

Please use complete sentences.

Thanks for that. I extrapolated the pbr log reference to the vpn-policy-routing hotplug script.

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