Error loading shared library when Trying to run block

When connecting to my router via ssh and typing "block", I get this error, "Error loading shared library No such file or directory (needed by /sbin/block)"

Any tips on this? I searched and wasn't able to find any mention of the

Which openwrt release do you use ?
Can you post the output of the following commands:

opkg list-installed | grep ubus
opkg list-installed | grep block-mount

I'm using @npcomplete 's latest EA9500 build. Build for ea9500

Here's the output:

libubus-lua - 2020-12-04-d1d9ddf9-1
libubus20191227 - 2020-12-04-d1d9ddf9-1
ubus - 2020-12-04-d1d9ddf9-1
ubusd - 2020-12-04-d1d9ddf9-1
uhttpd-mod-ubus - 2020-11-23-f53a6399-1
root@OpenWrt:~# opkg list-installed | grep block-mount
block-mount - 2021-01-04-c53b1882-1

uhttpd-mod-ubus - 2020-11-23-f53a6399-1

THANK YOU for replying!

I am not familiar with snapshot builds.
You can maybe post in addition the output of

ls -rtal /sbin/libubus*
ls -rtal /sbin/block*

I do not know whether a newer version of libubus should be available. Maybe @npcomplete can help here.

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Here's the output:

ls -rtal /sbin/libubus*
ls: /sbin/libubus*: No such file or directory

ls -rtal /sbin/block*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 36875 Jan 4 13:07 /sbin/block

@sj0s if you are trying to mount usb flash drive you can just stick that in the router and drive will show up as /dev/sda

Add anon_mount '1' to /etc/config/fstab it will auto moun of /dev/sd* to /mnt/sd*

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hmmm. That's the thing - I've inserted a exfat formatted usb drive into the usb port, and it's not showing up in the openwrt GUI, and doesn't appear available in the storage available. I was thinking this wasn't a build specific issue.

It may be user error. :man_shrugging:

With a 4GB stick inserted in USB slot 1, this is what OpenWRT shows for storage:

can you mount directly?

mount /dev/sdaX1 /mnt/drive

I think it IS mounted. per the last line in the list above: /dev/sda1 on /mnt

Well, it turns out the libubus client library wasn't installed, and once I installed that, it works. I'm very appreciative of everyone's assistance. Thank you.


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