Error 18005 on 901ND V5

I am trying to install tiny Openwrt image on my Tp-Link 901ND V5 but getting error 18005. plz guide me how install in easy way.
My device are EU region.
@ZOzo @lleachii

@lleachii @ZOzo
i have 20 plus tp link 901ND V5 at different room of labour camp. it is not possible for me to go one by one and tftp to update.. can someone help me to build openwrt image for EU region.
so i can update via web interface as usual. i will pay and other can benefits freely..

your device falls in the batch that came with the new firmware from tp-link that prevent the easy install of other firmware sources.

may be on the dd-wrt forum you might get some help.
Troubleshooting the issue and getting the appropriate solution will take you some time.

For the right person to find the solution quickly, he will nedd to have the device available in his hands to be able to test whatever tweeks.

If openwrt if really required then go for other more known good compatible device.

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You should also note, you only have to perform this task once - to covert from stock to OpenWrt. After that, normal sysupgrade works.

@lleachii the real problem is that i can't go room to room and put the router in tftp mode. via web is best option.
or can tftp remotely???