ERLite3 offloading (DebWRT kernel?)

It is "device" not "interface" underscores good.

Playing with SQM got bufferbloat to grade A, but top speed halved. I've now disabled it and I'm now getting ~500mbit and then still got bufferbloat grade A. Got figure? This will do fine for now. It's not 1000mbits, but if I need that it's not too much hassle to put the spare USB drive with the Ubiquity firmware back in, such is the advantage of that USB to boot setup.

Longer term, pfsense on a high watt device looks easier when I really need more speed, though I would want to dual purpose that as a media player, and I'm not sure if it's good to mix roles like that.

Thanks for all your help. I don't know how this improved it, but it's working for now :slight_smile:

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I already suspected such outcome.
Likely low-cpu device will not achieve A+, at least freeing CPU with br-wan+offload we got C->A :wink:
For PC - you can buy low power AMD like under 20W still at good performance with ton of RAM to run all your intended mini routers, firewalls, ids, ips, waf etc in small virtual machines under debian.
You can tick any answer you think got you on a good path and issue will archive in 10d