ENS620EXT bricked, trouble debricking. TFTP OpenWrt firmware an option?

Well, I've had my first brick. I've recovered plenty of bricked devices in the past but this is the first one that I actually caused myself. Well, I'm not a newb at this but if there is something basic that I'm overlooking I won't be offended if someone reminds me of what it could possibly be,

I used the 'Firmware update page from the oem firmware, which was version 3.0 something so I used openwrt-19.07.7-ipq40xx-generic-engenius_ens620ext-squashfs-factory_30.bin and after waiting for over an hour I only had a power light,. So I cold booted it and since then I've only seen that power light. I do get 3 ping replies in TFTP but can't get it to grab hold of the oem firmware 1.ENS620EXTaddCAPWAP.bin.

I've tried quite a few times; actually bleary eyed from trying tit so many times (I'm spoiled because I usually get routers debricked in the first 2 or 3 tries). I was wondering if I should try to flash a TFTP version of OPENWRT (can anyone tell me where to get those versions?) any other advice is welcome.

Would this router/AP/Bridge/etc technically be OPENWRT firmware version now or just a quasi-proto-brick?

I'm fairly well versed in SSH and Telnet as well as TFTP, so if anyone wants to volunteer their best method I'll be more than willing to give it a go. This is a nice device (engenius ENS620EXT and I wouldn't mind having it back in operation). Well, sorry such a short note, I'm kind of beat from so many TFTP sessions.

And it's not a firewall issue?

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