Engenius ENH220EXT?

Found a brand new Engenius ENH220EXT Outdoor AP:

Firmware is d0gsh*t, just abominable. No idea what chipset it uses (probably Atheros), or if the board has easy JTAG access. If anyone else is interested I might crack it open. I found the datasheet: https://www.engeniusworks.com/datasheets/ENH220EXT.pdf

Nice features like PoE and waterproofing. The antennas are very solid and the enclosure is rugged. I think it's worth bricking :)!

no need https://fccid.io/A8J-ENH220EXT

What is the intention of your posting?
Do you have a problem with this device?
Do you have a question?

see if OpenWRT running on it

thank you my friend!

hardware is equivalent to EAP1750H and it has serial pins

if you want I can help add it to openwrt

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