Engenius ECB600 ok to use version=22.03.5?

I have a couple engenius ECB600 APs and
I've been planning to do this firmware version approach:

but today I saw this firmware version instead has been released in stead:

So am I able to actually scrap my previous plans and go with this version (latest release)

Here are the notes that I have been compiling, in case there is something relevant that you might need in order to tell me YES or NO.

Hello OPENWRT Aces,

I have two Engenius ECB600 Wireless APs. Here is the
I've been looking through OPENWRT Hardware lists because I'd like to update the OPEN SOURCE OPENWRT image that is currently shipped with this router because its acting very 'buggy' and I'd like to determine if its the firmware image or the hardware.

Here is the wikidevi page: https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/EnGenius_ECB600
Here is OPENWRT techdata: https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/engenius/engenius_ecb600
pakedge W7: https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/Pakedge_W7
OPENWRT Revision history of "ECB600": https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/index.php?title=EnGenius_ECB600&action=history

My initial search for firmware: https://openwrt.org/start?q=ECB600&do=search
By release: https://openwrt.org/releases/21.02/changelog-21.02.0?s[]=ecb600
Engenius Techdata: https://www.engeniustech.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/12_ECB600_DS_v2.pdf

I've been reading the OPPENWRT webapages for this devces listing and I was coming up with these firmware results for quite some time: https://openwrt.org/releases/22.03/start?q=ecb600&do=search
^^^And this result is what had me thinking so long about it. It looked like I was going to need to do a lot of catching up to do and it wouldn't be a smple matter of flashing the OPENWRT firmware and ruinning with it, but wghen I was looking again last nght and today I came up with this firmware result: https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=22.03.5&target=ath79%2Fgeneric&id=engenius_ecb600
^^^^^^^^ And it looks like I'm getting baioled out with this result because all of the other 'complicated' results went away and came up with this one.

So I'm just trying to verify if I'm actually getting lucky here. IS all that I really need to do is download this version of OPENWRT and floash the SYSUPGRADE variety, do a factory reset and then essentially run with it. I'm hoping that this is so and I won't have to spend another couple weeks trying to recover from my own 'ignorance' and impatience.

Hopefully rthis will be an easy answer for someone out there and I will be able to move on with this project.

So thanks for your help,I very much appreciate it.

Best regards, John

You should be able to go directly to 22.03.5.


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Thank you for the reply (I realize this was a confusingly arranged question).
I really appreciate it; I knew the answer but couldn't force myself to proceed without the verification (it seemed too good to be true because of the previous version's method).

I am verifying that OPENWRT firmware v22.03.5 installation onto Engenius ECB600 went perfectly. (It was the smoothest firmware change that I've ever done). No bugs, glitches or problems of any kind and was completed in less than 5 minutes.

The only thing that may cause a hangup for people is that the original 'engenius' firmware calculates file checksum as MD5 rather than SHA256 so in order to verify the checksum you will need a checksum calculator.

Best regards.

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