Encryption causes reboot with latest driver on mt76 (kernel 5.15.118)

I'm using a R6220 (mt7621) as an AP.
I have upgraded it to the latest snapshot OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23422-e0fb38f4ee / LuCI Master git-23.158.78004-23a246e, while keeping settings.
The device boots, initializes LAN, initializes wifi, than reboots after few seconds.

I have used nmrpflah to flash the same version (as a factory image). I regained control. Trying to restore previous settings leads to reboot with the same behavior. In these settings, the wifi 5GHz is activated.
Again I restored the device with nmrpflash, than I set it up as an AP, from scratch. The devices reboots when I try to manually activate the wifi 5GHz.

Finally I restored a build from a few days ago, with the settings, and everything works fine.
My guess is that the latest mt76 driver is somehow faulty with the 5GHz management. It has been updated lately. Hope this can help.

Same for me - mt76 (SamKnows Whitebox 8/ Cudy X6).

The device crashes as soon as encryption is activated. No matter if 2 GHz or 5 GHz.

On the R6220, the issue seems related to 5GHz only.
At fresh install, both wifis are deactivated. I setup 2.4 GHz (WPA2), and enable it : it works, devices connect. I setup 5GHz and enable it : reboot.
Nevertheless it may be an encryption problem as you suggest. Do wifis without encryption work ?

MrHenry ->

Where did you find the SK-WB8 which has USB ?

Is the OEM firmware with MTK drivers ?

Wrong post ? We didn't talk about USB.

I have made some more tests, and I confirm that the reboot occurs when encryption is activated.
I have started from default config and activated both wifis (no encryption). I changed wifi 5GHz to set it up with WPA2 and reboot occured. The error can be in some 5.15.118 encryption kmod or in the mt76 driver.
So I will change the title of this thread.


You are absolutely right, only 5 GHz is affected.

I bought 2 of them from a private seller on ebay.

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I hope this can be fixed soon, otherwise it may be part of incoming 23.05.0-rc2.

Same happen with Xiaomi mir 3g- bootloop after asu upgrade. I didn't troubleshoot the situation, but in fact after reset and activating the radios, it happen again.. so I went to RC1.

A solution is on its way

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The commit for restoring the previous mt76 driver is already available. I have just installed successfully OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23449-186976c963 / LuCI Master git-23.158.78004-23a246e. Wifi5 works fine.
Thanks to @nbd168.

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