Encrypt and protect bin file

Hi friends
I wanted to know how to make an image that is created from openwrt source and converted into a bin file for sysupgrade unreadable
This means that no one can access the file information
Now you can open the bin file and check the information and files inside
I want to block access to files inside the bin image

You can't.

at least not in a reasonably straight forward way.


What is its irrational method?

There is none, you'd have to develop it.

It's just like the nuclear-powered car, in theory it's possible, but you can't go to the shops and buy one, nor can you build one within an evening in your garden shed from pre-made parts.

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Distribution of encrypted images goes against the ideals that made OpenWrt possible, and could even be a license violation. You will probably face rejection about this idea around here.

Besides, the broad concept of an encrypted image has many technical difficulties attached. Perhaps you could explain your use case.


What I need is for a person to be not able to check and use all the code I have developed for openwrt by opening the bin file.
After installing and entering ssh, you can have the items, but it is completely non-standard that I can get all the code just by opening the bin file.

pretty standard in free/libre software and gpl license...

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I do not mean to oppose the gpl license
But seeing the whole operating system in its installation file is a bit strange
The installation file can be a package without its source being seen
And after installation you will have access to everything

If you write them in C, they can't.

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