Enabling Wifi On First Boot

Hello, I'm very new in here. Actually I've flashed openwrt yesterday in my router.
I just wanted to know How can I enable wifi on first boot?
Yes I've read this one. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/flashing_openwrt_with_wifi_enabled_on_first_boot
But I can't understand this properly (as I'm a newibie). So can anyone please explain this to me in noob language?

Just curious, what's your use case for enable wifi on first boot?

As stated in the wiki, there are 2 different ways to go about that:

  1. If you're upgrading/reflashing from existing OpenWRT installation WITHOUT "keep current config"
  2. If you're coming from the OEM firmware

Since you have already flashed OpenWRT on your router, you don't need to do "enable wifi on first boot" if you're worrying about upgrading to future version of OpenWRT, since your config can be kept across updates (21.02 might have DSA compatibility issues (?), but that's story for another time)

Sir I've got some issues with the build I'm using. So I want to change to another build. But I don't have my pc with me right now. And I can't use ethernet on my phone. That's the problem.

Can you elaborate more on this build that has issues, and the "another build"?
Are they 19.07 release? Snapshot builds? Or some third-party OpenWRT builds?

A standard "sysupgrade" command or " Flash new firmware image" in Luci should keep your config AFAIK, which means all your settings, including WiFi, should be carried over to the new firmware

Sir I was using a third-party build. Now stable version has released for my router (19.07). So I want to flash the stable version.
I saw the 1st method that doesn't need compiling.
So I want to follow that.
Sir Can you please help me?

If you can SSH into the router, just follow the guide along :slight_smile: It's quite a step-by-step instruction

Sir I can't understand step 5,6 and 7. What will the commands do?

Actually, scrape that, and disregard the whole section of wiki for your usage.

Step 5 generates a tarball of "default config"+"wifi enabled" for your CURRENT firmware (the third party one)

No guarantee that it will work correctly on the "new" 19.07 firmware (someone correct me if I'm wrong)

At this point, seems like you're probably better off compiling your own 19.07.7 firmware, with wifi enabled by default (which you can't do without a computer?), and flashing that while NOT keeping existing settings.

Which third party build were you using, just out of curiosity?

Ok I solved it by following the commands on openwrt website.


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