Enabling POE GS1900-8HP Zyxel Switch

Hi I did not really found the artikle, how can i see and use POE function if I need this like in Lyra.
Does I need to install some in addition?


What's your actual question? Your topic title refers to a ZyXEL switch. Your message then talks about (Asus?) Lyra?

Hi Thanks just Did an Typo. I miss the to enable POE in Luci not Lyra :smiley:
The Platform is a Zyxel GS1900-8HP V2.

You'll need realtek-poe and you can grab it here for 22.03 (which is an unofficial build by me).

@mrnuke I'm probably overlooking something but I am not seeing any binaries here?

Hey thanks for the build. Cool Job. Since im new in this topic. Is there there anything else to do afterwards? After installing the .ipk file. I just look around in luci and dont found settings related to POE.

Use the command line to edit /etc/config/poe.

There is no LuCI support for PoE. In addition to the config file, you can run ubus call poe info to get the current status and there should be some management commands for enabling/disabling ports as well.

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@de-sascha For realtek-poe related questions see current forum topic.

@Borromini original packages are under github Actions section, current is CI-58.

For changes to your /etc/config/poe to become effective you may have to reload the PoE service or even restart:

/etc/init.d/poe reload
#sometimes you may even need restart...
/etc/init.d/poe restart
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@Borromini, try the github actions, not "releases" tab.


Thanks all, this info was helpful. I did not know POE only available und CLI. Currently I dont have a poe device. But I looking to know If how I can configure the Ports.