Enabling IPv6 for Clients via Android USB Tethering

Hi everyone,

I have access to 5G N78 on my Android phone. I do USB tethering to my D-Link DIR 2640 router and usually get 180 Mbps speed. That aside, I am only able to get a public IPv4 address on the clients connected to my router. My phone is Android 14, and I assume by now, Android 14 must have an IPv6 DHCP server? Also, I can see my DHCPv6 client (on the WAN firewall zone) being allotted a public IPv6 address from the USB0 interface (my phone).

How do I get IPv6 to work on the clients connected to the router?

See if relaying IPv6 is working for you:


As is standard with an LTE connection, you have a single GUA /64 to work with. Use NDP relay and RA relay to relay to your LAN. LAN clients will get IPs that are within the same /64.

Thanks, It worked. I can visit https://ipv6test.google.com/

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