Enabled switch_root in menuconfig

Would like to enable non-busybox version of switch_root in menuconfig, Please share some pointers

It is in util-linux, "enabling" is actually packaging it.

It seems to be disabled in the Makefile
In the
I see arugument like


What is the way forward ?

The reason I am trying to replace the busybox version of switch_root ,
I see the previously mounted partitions are removed after moving from initramfs to the new rootfs ..
So I would like to try the normal version

util-linux with switch_root enabled (check if binary is in final package, maybe needs to be added to packaging list) needs to get in squashfs, check if symlink to busybox gets replaced unpacking squashfs. Worth trying as x86+squashfs for first attempts, if boot breaks there it is quite hostile networkless environment mandating serial connection to sysupgrade back to normal. PR welcome, but may be some non-trivial dependencies lurking around such early boot stages.