Enable Support for 5/10 MHz channel width on ath10K based wifi


by simply patching ath10k for supporting it like the ct patch does. the firmware does support it. the dd-wrt 9888 firmware is based on the ct firmware and uses the same codebase. according to the ath10k-ct driver adhoc is always disabled if no ct firmware is in use. the ct firmware provides a special flag of it. the firmware is use do not provide such a flag. since it would collide with other ct firmware features. so i simply patched ath10k to allow ad-hoc like its done in the ct firmware

What is the special flag I need to look for?

its just a firmware flag which tells the ath10k-ct driver that this is a ct firmware. review the ath10-ct firmware. its easy to find.


@BrainSlayer Have you tested it with the DD-WRT firmware and the QCA9888. Someone tested for me with a QCA4019 and that seems to work but with the same patch the QCA9888 seems to stop working if I set it to 5 or 10MHz. At one point it seemed to work for a short time then stops transmitting.

yes i tested them all. but not explizit 9888. just 9984. but as i said. not all chipsets do support 5 mhz / 10 mhz by baseband. qca has industrial grade and consumer variants of the same chipsets and that makes the difference here. but its possible to write a workaround for non supported chipsets. this is done by detecting some chipset on 9984 and 998x. for 9888 i dont know the id's yet. can you provide me a kernel log with the ath10k driver load output by email? then i will be able to fix this for your card. on industral grade chipsets and 5 and 10 mhz operation works by a simple baseband register flag. for everything else i wrote a pll clock based variant

i updated the firmwares in my repo with some changes for qca9888. please give it a try


@BrainSlayer I have sent you the information by e-mail. Please let me know if you need any other information from me.

have you already tested the latest firmware i made? i mean this should fix the issue too