Enable fast path

How can enable fast path in my openwrt firmware.I am using reference board UBNT Unifi AP AC PRO? i am not aware that much but i found wireless throughput can be increased by fast path /HW NAT. Please guide for it

Flow Offloading is only available on kernel version >= 4.14.


  • ar71xx = 4.4


  • ar71xx = 4.9


  • ar71xx = 4.9
  • ath79 = 4.14

Which image are you using?


Sir i am using,
ar71xx=4.9 latest

This device is supported on ath79 platform. If you build it from 'master', offloading can be enabled.

yes sir, how can enable it?

Did you build an install an ath79 build already?
Then you can enable it in /etc/config/firewall or in LuCi.

And I don't think that it will increase "wireless throughput". It should increase NAT speed.

yes,where can i find in firewall ? is it any attribute ?

yes i want to increase nat speed too because bridge speed is around 300+ but nat speed is around 120-150

option flow_offloading '1'

to the default config.

i have added in /etc/config/firewall but i got this ,
"Warning: Section @defaults[0] enables offloading but missing kernel support, disabling"

Did you build an Openwrt image from source, or trying to add this option to an ar71xx image?
The latter won't work.

i have added to my current live device firewall. not in build

Please read my comments again. You can't just "enable" offloading.
You have to build an image from source.

Offloading is not supported on your current build.

Ok sir.I have added in pakages/network/config/firewall/files/firewall.config in default section and compiled the firewall package again

You have to build the whole image wiith ath79 target, not a single package.
What is your kernel version now?
Can't you understand that you need the 4.14. kernel?

You need to select ath79 target if you haven't already


I am having Kernel version 4.9