Enable/disable a traffic rule does not work from luci after changing it once from from the shell

If I enable or disable a firewall rule from the shell just like it is described here:
How to enable/disable a traffic rule from the shell?
it works as expected, but afterwards the enabling/disabling the corresponding rule from Luci does not work anymore - I can activate/deactivate the checkbox and can also save and apply the change but it does not have the expected effect, there won't be changes in the iptables configuration. Changing other rules - expect the one that was changed in the shell - works as expected.

This is because the uncommitted uci set change shadows the configuration written by LuCI. Do a uci revert firewall or uci commit firewall to flush pending changes from the cli and to bring the config in sync with what LuCI sees.


Many thanks, that did the trick.

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