Enable default Wi-Fi after install

Hello developers.

I own single ethernet port devices and default Wi-Fi availability during first login will be useful.

Single port ethernet devices are severely limited and stock FW already provides default Wi-Fi availability.

Thank you all.


This has come up many times over the years, the chances of that to be implemented are next to zero (you will find verbose discussions about the reasons via the forum search).

Thank you all for the replies.

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You would have to build your own OpenWrt image with Wi-Fi enabled by default.


Thank you Franco. I already have a workaround for my devices. My request for this feature was altruistic. Single port devices are usually lower priced and are more likely favored by the economically challenged consumers. Ease of operation and setup will allow them to benefit from our FW. Vast majority of the economically challenged consumers are likely to lack the technical skills and patience to set up these devices.

This is an act of charity and goodwill for economically challenged consumers.

Thank you for your response.

Best regards.


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