Emulate Openwrt

Hi all, I would like to build my own customized Openwrt and emulate it (QEMU or virtualbox/VMware are all fine). I can find pre-built image available on official documents but don't know how to config, build it? Can someone give me detail steps to do so please. any ISA is fine to me. Thanks!

Just use the normal x86_64 images.



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And here's what I use to convert the img to various vm formats:

$ img=openwrt-x86-64-generic-ext4-combined-efi.img
$ wget ...that img.gz...
$ gunzip ${img}.gz
$ img_type=<pick a type 'qcow2' or 'raw' or whatever>
$ qemu-img convert ${img} -O ${img_type} -o subformat=dynamic openwrt.${img_type}

Thanks for all suggestion! I 've successfully installed this image https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/21.02.7/targets/x86/64/openwrt-21.02.7-x86-64-generic-ext4-combined.img.gz to virtualbox on Windows host, everything work properly. The next thing I want to know is how to build that image. I want to develop some apps, themes and also customized some original apps as well then try it on this virtual environment. Any help is appreciated!

Did you try your preferred search engine before asking?

I do get very relevant information when I tried that, very first hit even.