Empty serial console on Archer VR200v


I am new here and english is not my mother tongue. Hopefully someone understands it anyway. I'm currently trying to get an Archer VR200v to work with OpenWRT. I will try the instructions at https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/vr200v.
when I connect the cables of the FT232 Serial (UART) IC to the router, I use the connection holes 3.3V GRND RX and TX, a blue LED lights up.
When I connect to the router with screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 I have an empty terminal window. Pressing t does nothing, other attempts and keyboard commands have no success.
Does anyone have an idea and could put me on the right track?

Thanks for help.
best regards paminh

Normal way is only to use RX TX and GND as converter is usb powered (from PC) . Image under toh site is not very clear . Can You post better resolution ?
To check Your connection and PC setup join RX and TX cable together on ttl converter .You should see output on the screen on keyboard input
good luck

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Note that TX on the converter connects to RX on the router and likewise connect RX to TX. If you're not sure which is which, just try it both ways (swap RX and TX on one end). Connect only TX RX and GND. As @nicefile said don't connect a 3.3v wire.

thanks for your help but even without 3,3V connection there is no change. the only difference is that on the FT232 Serial (UART) IC now on the RX a green led is lit. The console remains as before. swapping rx to tx also does nothing.
it is unfortunately my first time working with the serial console, all the openwrt routers i had before i was able to install another (easier) way. Maybe I am doing something else wrong somewhere? I have tested it with arch-linux, with macos and also with putty under win. all the same. The error is somewhere on the FT232 Serial (UART) IC and the cabel... maybe.
I read in the forum that some are using the router, it would be nice if they could help....

best regards paminh

In PuTTY, I use 115200, 1, none, none.

Make sure you are using the correct COM port. Check on your computer to see what the UART is using, then match that in the serial connection.

The router needs to be connected to its power source, and I turn it off while making the connections.

As mentioned, connect GRND, TX, and RX only.

If they are correct, when you turn the router on, you should be able to see output.

Same problem here. I connect RX, TX and (unusually) power the 3V UARTP pin, while booting the router. I tried swapping TX/RX, different baudrates but always nothing on the terminal. Doublechecked the pin connectivity twice :roll_eyes:

@paminh666 Did you had any success and advice?