Emergency mesh (wifi,ethernet, etc)

I think about emergency mesh network.
Times are troubled. I have several routers and a raspberry pi. I would like to ask you to prepare a simple offline documentation: How to set up a router in case of war.

I think the configuration should be very simple. I am not assuming internet access and only emergency network access.

I assume one messenger service. for example: tox or matrix.

I assume that the nodes already have their own power supply. Powerbanks or solar panels. Some of the links will probably be created with Ethernet cables, and some with Wifi.

This is absolute minimum. Of course in future meybe add some other features, dns, irc, regular internet, lora, BT, Irda, etc. But now only one communicator without central server.

Install 4g module in your laptop, train homing pigeons, lead the community https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_community_network


If the internet is down you're relying on other people to be part of your mesh network, so don't rebuild the wheel. There's near zero chance that you're going to create any useful network in the middle of war so bad that internet is gone. You need it to be already up and working and have enough users with the hardware and willing to relay data.

There's a Lorawan network that already exists, The Things Network, buy or build a node and join their network. You'll see there's not enough nodes even in dense city areas right now, so you'll need to convince a lot of people to join. If you tried to do this with Wifi radio's you'd need orders of magnitude more nodes to have a working network.

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That's why I'm writing about ethernet.

Wifi can work for 10-20km and more! (simple esp can 10km https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCLb2eItDyE ) Lora works the same way as wifi. The range of such a network is exactly the same. Only most people use routers inside the building and not outside.

I just want TODAY to make a network and test it so I don't know what you are writing about.

I'm asking for help with network routing, with how to configure such a network

You can buy long-range wifi antenna kit, as much as openwrt is concerned you connect them to detachable antenna connector and adjust distance.

There's nothing particular or special about such a network. If you want general networking advice then you should ask on a forum dedicated to that sort of advice. If you have specific OpenWRT related questions then ask those and we can try to answer.

the specific question is how to do it :wink:

No it is not that simple. Mesh networks have different addressing than IP. I can't get along with people what IP numbers they have, because I can't force someone in wartime to come 200 km to get along with me what IP number and mask they should have.

You probably haven't thought about your statement. This is not a trivial problem.

It's also not a problem that's specific to OpenWRT.

General networking issues are not what this forum is for. Neither is working out how to cooperate with other people to decide a mutually acceptable network subnets when facing the end of the world

Just answer :wink:
When you start answering this simple question you will see that there is no such solution. And only OpenWRT is capable of providing such.

I think you can close the issue. OpenWRT will not send men in black to start your community wifi.

https://libremesh.org/ for further research

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If the documentation you with already exists, you can look at other threads that have dealt with the question of off-line documentation (some users have scraped the wiki, others simply "print to pdf" the pages of interest, etc.).

If the documentation that you desire doesn't yet exist, I'm afraid that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution that can be easily documented here. The specific needs of a person/community, the equipment in use, and the physical environment will all be so different as to make this an extremely niche article that will have extremely limited applicability. That becomes even more of an issue if the devices in use are not all running OpenWrt.

@zapewne - I would recommend that you develop your own documentation and share it on your own site or github or similar... this really isn't a topic that is of broad enough interest, nor is it specific enough to OpenWrt to make this a viable request here. As such, I'm closing this thread.

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