Em20 not connecting to internet

Just returned my em12 for the Em20-g. As im trying to build my own home budget cellular antenna, My windows 10 computer detects both the modem and the sim but it says that its not connecting to the internet but it shows up as tmobile. And My T-mobile sim card is coming from a third party called mobilecitizen. Even my openwrt router detects the modem but not the sim. My tmobile sim came inside the latest Alcatel cat 4 hotspot. But both the modem and sim is unlocked, so it kinda don't make sense here.

How does this pertain to OpenWrt? This seems to be an issue with the module itself - so it would make sense to check with the module vendor and/or your carrier for help. If the problem is specific to openwrt, please feel free to clarify.

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