Edimax RA21S or good alternative AP?

During a search for the best cost/performance ratio for an Access Point I encountered this Edimax AP.

It is listed in the supported devices but I'm not sure what version of OpenWRT this would be.


I also couldn't find any entries in the forum and it doesn't have a product page. Does someone have experience with this AP or Edimax in general for that matter.

I'm open to suggestions and am not fixed on this specific product. If someone has a good recommendation for an AP within the 50 - 80 € limit, a good range, good throughput, 802.11ac as well as IPv6 support, I'd appreciate it.

This is my product search and available products (in German, which shouldn't be a problem as it is only about specs)


I know it's a little late, but the Edimax RA21S is a solid device.
I have two in use and both are providing a strong signal with good troughput in a dense environment