Edgerouter-X with SQM on 850/45 network

So i just installed OpenWRT on my ER-X in an attempt to help alleviate the SQM issue on stock ER-X OS since my network is way over the 250mbps limit. (850 down, 45 up)
I ran ifstatus wan | grep device and it reports Eth0 is the WAN port and when setting up SQM i applied 680000 for ingress and 34000 to egress and applied cake/ layers of cake.
This fixed my issue with bufferbloat, but i am only getting 125/28 speed which is worse than what i was getting running ER-X default.
I tried just using software offloading and hardware, but SQM doesn't support offloading.
Checking Top reports and running a test shows that the device get 65% utilized.

I dont know what i can do at this point since i have almost gigabit connection, the bufferbloat is so bad with everything disabled (Waveform reports C) but when my roommate, girlfriend and myself game, we get hella packet loss
Im thinking about getting an eero pro 6e since ive seen some reports of it handling bufferbloat extremely well and i want to reach out on some other possibilities i can do.

My equipment is CM1000>ER-X> tp-link unmanaged switch connecting our three computer
only way i can get our network speed is just having offloading enabled at the cost of latency

I could be off base but not sure that device has the horse power to do sqm at those speeds.

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edgerouter-X can push 200Mbit, tops. Try something x86 based...