(EdgeRouter X) revert to Stock Firmware - Help me!

could someone help me, I would like to return to edgeos leaving openwrt, some way to do that ?

thanks for help me !!!

Did you upgrade the boot loader before flashing OpenWrt? See here: EdgeOS BootLoader Update

If so, TFTP recovery directions have worked for me: TFTP Recovery.

But seriously, why? OpenWrt has run absolutely fantastic on my Edgerouter X. It's faster than stock, supports hardware acceleration, software offload works, CAKE SQM, Wireguard VPN (perfect for the slower MIPS CPU in the EdgeRouter X if you need VPN), etc. EdgeOS doesn't do these things. Ubiquiti has been struggling for the last year or so just to get hardware acceleration to work in their Edge OS 2.0 series - on their own hardware! The Edge OS firmware images are a huge ~80+ MB and I've yet to see what capabilities all those MB bring. I can think of some things I wouldn't want those MB doing on my router, but only when I put on my tin foil hat :wink:

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I believe the bootloader was updated because before installing openwrt I was on an edgeOS version 2.0.
I will return to stock firmware for testing because I noticed a speed degradation with openwrt on my network, especially regarding access to web sites and download.
It may be some specific configuration that is not within my reach at this time.
I appreciate your kindness in instructing me how to make this return to the stock firmware.
Thank you very much

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