EdgeRouter X hanging occasionally

I have openWRT running on an EdgeRouter X
It seems to be working fine - with one large caveat:

About once every ~12 hours it hangs, won't respond to pings, and needs a power cycle.
Any ideas what could be causing this - or how I could try to find out?

|Architecture|MediaTek MT7621 ver:1 eco:3|
|Firmware Version|OpenWrt 19.07.4 r11208-ce6496d796 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01|
|Kernel Version|4.14.195|
|Local Time|2020-11-12 14:17:51|
|Uptime|0h 7m 54s|
|Load Average|0.14, 0.25, 0.13|

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Hello everyone, im new to this forum :slight_smile:
On topic, im ALSO using ER-X flashed with OpenWrt 19.07.4 r11208-ce6496d796 / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-20.247.75781-0d0ab01, Kernel Version 4.14.195 and after playing around with it for about a month, flashing different version, with this one i loose connection to the router ( no ping to my router from PC with LAN cable) every now and then. This happens only if i have HW OFFLOADING Enabled. IF i use SOFTWARE Offloading, everything is working with no disconnects. Any suggestions?

Interesting. Sounds like the same symptoms as me - I am also using HW offloading - but hadn't nailed that down to being the cause.

I used the upgrade method provided by @stman

Which seems to have worked fine. However, HW offloading is my primary reason for wanting to use the ERX - so if anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated!

For now I'm using a pi4 instead - no hardware offloading, but comporable speeds, presumably due to its CPU grunt :slight_smile:

There is a "main" thread about this topic already.

Beside that there is also:

As far as I remember there where issues in the past IPv6/HW offloading releated. I don't know it this has been fixed already. Maybe it is worth to try a snapshot build to verify. But be aware you will lose LuCI-VLAN configuration. You have to work out a DSA setup manually.

Cheers. I tried a snapshot on the ERX last week which seemed to brick it - I had to do a TFTP recovery - but I might try again this weekend if I have time :slight_smile:

Luci warns me when I do that the name has changed between release and snapshots, from erx:


to edgerouter-x:


Not sure how significant this is. I can force the upgrade anyway....but when I did this, I bricked the unit :slight_smile:

MT7621 snapshot has switched to DSA, your previous Ethernet configuration is incompatible.

Ah - yes OK. So I have to do the upgrade but /not/ keep the settings - then it should hopefully come back up?

The forums seem to suggest HW-NAT may not be supported under DSA yet...but I could be wrong. Will give it a go :slight_smile:

Yes, you cannot keep settings.

Actually it seems to be it is working on my EdgeRouter (running snapshot). But I did only "test" it by enabling HW offload and watching cpu usage during full speed downloads to verify HW offload is working (100% vs. 0% usage). I cannot "proof"/verify this by other precede (because I don't know other). Beside that I've disabled IPv6 on my device.

Ah OK. I'll try it later - I flashed sysupgrade. First flash failed. Second seems fine.
However, WAN<>LAN traffic (PPPoE on WAN) drops from ~930Mbps to 300Mbps - suggesting a problem with hardware offloading.

No worries - the pi4 works fine :slight_smile: