Edgerouter 4 Snapshot 21.02 and VLAN?

Have now finally installed the 21.02 Snapshot with som trial and error in my Edgerouter 4 and everything seems to work well with Snapshot status.
But how do the VLAN settings work when there are no Switch to set the VLAN:s in?

You can do that on the command line but I suppose you'd like to do that through LuCI (command line involves using standard iproute2 tools like ip etc).

Either you wait until the necessary code has been merged for the 21.02 branch, or you can compile the packages yourself. You need these patches:

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Thanks! Nice😃
I will probably for now at least wait to the stable 21.02 comes out.
This is not my production unit yet but I got some spare time now when the easter holiday came so I though I see if it was possible to install OpenWRT and look around (and to make future OpenWRT sysupgrades easier).
And maybe also start to modify my old Linksys WRT32000ACM config script so it work with my new future rig.

But I got troubled when I then saw that no VLAN settings was available.

I happen to use the EdgeRouter 4 as my 'edge router' as well and I build my own from the 21.02 branch. If you'd like you can try those images. Just keep in mind it autoconfigures to (you can easily change that over SSH to stock OpenWrt It already has the patches I linked to.

Once you set stuff up like you wanted you could switch back to official 21.02 snapshots, all you'd lose is the LuCI frontend code until that is merged.



A sidenote, actually LuCI was preinstalled to my surprise when I was trying to install it after the firmware install of the 21.02 snapshot I downloaded today.

When I followed your link I found this.

Is this the way we later want LuCI to write the VLAN code when 21.02 release is done?
Since my primary goal right now is to get my config script file (with UCI code) ready before the service release of 21.02, then this will absolutely be good enough for me right now.

Now when my rig has become more and more complex and the knowledge has grown how to config then LuCI falls a little short for me to use as primary setup. But once configured LuCI is a great tool to see the config result and overview and to make small config adjustments.

I don’t think I really has time right now to dig in how to compile firmware so I think I hold short on that solution for now.

That comment is from September last year, and the implementation has been revised. It shouldn't apply anymore.

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