Economic server solution for local network monitoring?

The OpenWRT router I currently use is a decent model, but only has 128MB RAM and no USB port, but 4 stable Gigabit ethernet ports + WAN.

I always wanted to monitor my network's activity and individual bandwidth usage of connecting devices but the current router would lose historic data on reboot. I thought about getting a little server for my network to store the data from the router and provide decent network statistics. This is a small home network with 3 PCs, a smart TV and a couple of smartphones / tablets.

Does anyone have experience with a specific Raspberry Pi model or similar hardware in a network monitoring capacity and could make a recommendation in this regard?

I don't want to store my data in the cloud.

Thanks for your feedback!

Anything that stores RRD like MRTG format with diminishing time resolution for past and fixed file size can store all20 files in flash for reboot.

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Only for storing simple data, even an older Pi or any server that runs 24x7, then export with Prometheus Lua exporter to internal Grafana server.

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