ECMP Routes Support

Hi guys,
Requesting to add support for ECMP routes in openwrt, i can create ecmp routes using iproute2 utility, but thats not available in luci and can not use network config to add or remove routes.


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Using a routing daemon like bird2 or frr is not an option?

No, i'm already using frr for now, but it will be better if we get support for ECMP routes in netifd directly instead of installing frr for this routes only.

Hi Guys,
Would love to get an update on this request.

What progress have you made?

I haven't seen an official developer response, have they Private Messaged you?

Your request is quite vague. It seems you're asking specifically for LuCI to support this (since it's clear by your description that OpenWrt indeed supports it). Is that correct?

Support for ECMP is available with iproute2 package, but routes gets flush once its rebooted, or i need to use frr, which is adding additional overhead of around 3mb something on device storage, if luci doens support ECMP by default that is okay, i can make that customization but netifd as well doesnt support ECMP, so either workaround that i need to create some application using iproute2 , or otherwise i need to use frr, so wanted to get support for ECMP in netifd, and also im not an C developter so i cant implement anything in netifd, shell scripting i can do, so it would be great someone helps out and provides this.

Why not "just" use a hook script where you call ip route add?

To be honest: static routes already suck but static ecmp routes just call for trouble :confused:

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