ECMP Equal-cost Multi-path Routing

Hello All,

i need assistance, How can i use ECMP with Openwrt!
My network has 5 locations, and two Lans!
Lan 1 is Guest-Network, Lan 2 is Devices-Network!
I would like to use both lans for Wireguard.
I have created a dummy interface at each site,
and now wanted to use ECMP routes.

ip route del target-ip
ip route add target-ip scope global nexthop router-ip nexthop router-ip2

can i add the route manually!
but how should I enter that, in the uci config!
rc.local does not work.
network start seems to flash previous routes!

Openwrt is a lightweight Linux environment and won’t understand any switch/router config style commands.

I don’t know if it’s exactly what you want, but take a look at Mwan3

These should get you going with uci

Thanks for the links, i have read too on developer wiki!

Problem is Openwrt (uci) dont understand ECMP, and
i have read Sources from Mwan3,
that is too much for a little problem in one Homenet!
I will not adapt UCI and Luci for ECMP to work.
i write a init-scipt, that starts after network!
if Network restart, i must restart ecmp-init-script too!
Network reload do not flash ECMP routes!
In addition, I keep a static route into the dummy network,
the ECMP routes shows to the host!
anytime Openwrt must adept the options of new Kernel_IPv4&v6,
but for Now, I think it's Closed

Sorry, for my awful English!

Take a look at /etc/hotplug.d/iface/: the script there are invoked after an interface up/update/etc.

I have reported a bug in netifd that may be related:

netifd: changing metric, ip4table or defaultroute flushes babeld's routes from the main table

I also don't think netifd should touch routes with a proto it doesn't recognize, such as "proto babel" in my case.

I do not know if that's necessary!
consider it's easier to flash everything, then rebuild it!

I have built my own little ECMP solution with initscript daemon and uci-config!

the developer-guides was helpfull :slight_smile:

Sorry, for my awful English!

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