ECI B-FOCuS + OpenWrt


Is it possible to install OpenWrt to ECI B-FOCuS?


Hardware details will be necessary to answer this question:

Open the case and locate:

  • model of CPU
  • model of memory chip(s)
  • model of Switch Chip
  • model of WiFi Chips
  • access to serial port

I hope this helps:


[full size]

And my router has no any serial or USB ports. There are 2xRJ-11, 4xRJ-45, 1xPower and 1xOptical (in) ports only :frowning:

Full review of the same device (old but gold).

Incorrect, this is likely the serial port:

Also, these don't appear to be your pictures.

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Yes - these photos are mine but not pictures from review, you are right.
And yes - in my device there is one 5-pin connector too (I really didn't knew it is SERIAL, sorry for that):



So my device is not compatible with OpenWrt? :frowning:

It is not in the Table of Hardware, therefore, it is not. The key is if the CPU, Switch and WiFi models are already supported by OpenWrt - then it can be ported over to be supported. You will have to assist with that. Do you have 3 Volt Serial TTL to read the console port from boot up?

(Moving this thread to the For Developers section in hopes others will see and also assist with this.)

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You mean something like that?

If yes - no, I don't have this one. Should I to buy it or create it by myself?

Ummmm....I don't think so...

  • normal serial is 5 Volts and can damage your device
  • USB is not the same as Serial
  • most serials on routers are 3 Volt TTL


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Ok. I'll try to buy it and will be back ASAP.

Thanks a lot! :+1: