ECC errors in UBI RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN (and solution)

Hi Koen,

Good point. I'm happy this issue and other past issues (like the broken gigabit switch) are fixed in git. Keep up the good work!



I have two RB2011, one RB2011il-RM, the other RB2011UiAS-RM. They both have the samsung flash mentioned in the first post, and yet neither of them work with the example images. I have watched the UART of one and it is identical to what @PisemNet is seeing.

Is there somewhere I should specify the ubi.mtd=6,2048 for these images?


Do they work when compiling the latest Master tree or 19.07 branch?


Worked Rik!
Got a bit confused because luci was missing, but I could download it from
I've setup a local repository with packages on bin/target/.
I've noticed 2 strange things here:
1 - LuCi is not working on my Firefox Browser anymore. I enter login information and it comes back to login screen. Safari works fine, not sure if its something related to cache or cookies/offline content, will try those later.
2 - I've tried installing ddns-luci app and it broke my LuCi. I don't have the error right now, but it throws some LUA errors when opening LuCi, stating something about a missing package, however I haven't found it.


@xback I can confirm they both work with the Master tree. Thanks for the help. Now if only I could write to the TFT on one of these...