Easybox 904xdsl

Hello guys
I want to install openwrt in this device easybox 904xdsl . I want some help here i cant to do some etaps . I found a guid in github but I don't know how to us it in ubuntu https://github.com/majuss/easybox904/blob/master/guides/openwrt.md
Some help here please and thank you

For ubuntu (because you asked for it):
sudo apt install tftpd-hpa
Now copy for example from https://github.com/zuzia-dev/Easybox-904xDSL the file https://github.com/zuzia-dev/Easybox-904xDSL/blob/master/fullimage.img-SMP to /srv/tftp/fullimage.img
Now press and hold the reset button on the easybox and poweron. Hold it for about 10 seconds. Then release it. You would see on the screen of the easybox that you should configure your ip to . When done and connected your computer LAN to LAN1 of the easybox the easybox download the file and write it. Then it reboot and you have openwrt installed. From there on you can use openwrt to change to other images that have more functionality or different functionality you prefere.

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