EasyBox 802 aka ARV752DPW-xxxxxx-factory.bin 17.01.4 request

Dear Developers,

Thank You for Your hard work!
I've got an EasyBox 802 aka ARV752DPW with a factory dsl_802_752dpw_fw_20.04.207.bin with infboot_danube_1.00.02.bin.
I've found some binaries here:
Please build a factory upgrade LEDE firmware.
Is LEDE implemented VOIP functions also?
Is it possibe to downgrade from LEDE to factory FW also?

Thank You in advance!

Read the OpenWrt wiki for your device, the initial flash for most lantiq devices is a bit more hands on.

Thanks, but because of the confusing OWRT factory installation description, I would prefer a factory installation compatible firmware...

A factory image does not exist.