Easy to live spare router choice

Hi all,
Just to tell you I recevied last friday the GL-MT1300 (Beryl) and was able to play with it during 2 days.
I falt in love with this small thing until ... it died this morning
no more lights when plugged to any power source and became very hot after 15 min without any led on, just no luck

... this thing is going back to amazon and I will order another one
I thought about bying a less expansive MT7621 device (like a Cudy WR1300 or any other not yet located) but the Mt1300 form factor it so great I think I will regret this choice ... and also the 32/256MB

When it worked:

  • very easy to install FW
  • works fine with 21.02.0-rc2
  • works fine with snapshots (just a small trouble with one menu in Lucy)
  • same pb with dhcpv6 leases than with any other routers I have (AR9344/IPQ4018/X86_64 so it is not arch dependent)
  • surprisingly it looked at me that web surfing's "seemed" smoother than with the x86_64 router. Perhaps I have something to tweak on the main router to gain the same feeling (as if the full throughput was faster to come, I don't know the correct word for that in english )

I just didn't have enough time to test if wifi works on the 2 channels at the same time but it is not important for me as I don't plan to use wifi (but it is good to have as a backup or for future use case, especially since the external antennas are really not annoying/bulky)

thanks again for your help


Have you seen this?


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it is not bricked at all ... it is .. heuuu .. how to tell ... cooked :fried_egg:
an internal component seems to be faulty and it draws a lot of current and becomes very hot (even without any another cable or usb on it)

just fried

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