Easiest / clearest way to see OpenWrt development updates?

I am new to & loving OpenWrt so far, thanks its many up-to-date features and the responsive community of talented and passionate developers and users here.

Is there an easy way to see a summary of updates to the daily snapshots so I can decide if I want to update as development progresses each day? The Insights tab on Github seems informative but maybe too simple. For my specific device I have also checked the Insights tab of the mt76 package.

Are these good enough places to see what's happening in OpenWrt's snapshot development for my device, to make an informed decision about updating, or is there a better or more preferred summary out there?

Many thanks.


You can view the openwrt mailing lists:


Oh thank you, I had seen those as well and that seems great for detailed insight.

Edit: This is exactly what I wanted.



There are separate repositories for packages and luci.

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