EAP245 V3 Questions

I bought a EAP245 V3 when I realised it was being ported to OpenWRT. Now I realize that it is officially supported on 21.02.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. Once OpenWRT installed, is it possible to configure the device in order to use both gigabit port at the same time as input/output? What I would like to do is to tie AC Wireless network to one gigabit port and the N one to the other gigabit port. I know it is not possible out of the box, I just have hope that OpenWRT might allow it.
  2. I still struggle to configure the network using DSA and VLAN. For now, I simply decided to roll back the main router to 19.07. The question is, is it possible to run the main router to 19.07 and make it work with the EAP245 being on 21.02 using VLANs?


The two ethernet ports are connected to the CPU via an internal ethernet switch, so the total bandwidth to the CPU is also 1Gb/s. That being said, you could create two VLANs on the device. The two ports could be untagged, and the CPU port must be configured as a trunk port. Then you can bridge each WiFi network to one of these VLANs.

Sure. The way it's configured might be different, but that does not affect what goes on the wire.