EAP245 V3 bricked

gotcha, wasn't clear you'd tried. Does it still provide a recovery interface? does wireshark show any activity at all if you reboot it?

The question is simple:

The device is inoperative and only provides an IP 169.xx. If I set the network interface to I can only access the recovery interface, which in the end is of no use.

Now I'm trying to flash the firmware again via tftp, but it's giving an error:

Connection received from on port 2774 [15/02 14:02:39.616]
Read request for file <EAP245v3_up.bin>. Mode octet [15/02 14:02:39.616]
OACK: <timeout=5,> [15/02 14:02:39.616]
Using local port 54885 [15/02 14:02:39.616]
TIMEOUT waiting for Ack block #4 [15/02 14:03:04.665]

This is fuc**** annoying. I already contacted the TP-Link support and I'll send this device to RMA. This AP is really broken for now.

the device doesn't provide this... your laptop just "decides" to put that there when it's unable to put anything else via DHCP. I want to clarify that so maybe you aren't under the wrong impression, it might help you in your debugging.

It's kind of surprising that the recovery interface and/or the TFTP don't work. I've generally had very good results with TP-link recovery. Perhaps try using an older version of the TP-Link factory firmware, perhaps the recovery thing doesn't work with the latest versions? (in particular they changed their firmware to the SDN version relatively recently, the 4.x series, try flashing a 3.x series firmware)

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One thing I noticed is that I can flash the EU firmware via TFTP but I can't flash the US version.

I can flash the US version using the web server, but the problem persists.

EDIT: updated the may 2020 firmware US via tftp. Nothing happened.

Just to keep you guys informed: yesterday TP-Link received my EAP after opening the RMA order and after doing the tests, they decided that they will exchange it for a new one.

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