EAP225 v3 with OpenWrt v21.02.0 unstable WIFI

FIRMWARE: OpenWrt v21.02.0

Hi guys. I own an EAP225 v3 which I bought a few weeks ago. It has never really worked well with the stock firmware(v5.0.3 or 5.0.5). The AP randomly disappears in v5.0.3. and in v5.0.5 the Internet drops even if the clients remains connected to the AP.

I therefore decided to try the latest stable version(v21.02.0) of OpenWrt on this AP. Everything seems to work well, except the connection to the AP times out very frequently(every 3 to 5 minutes). Here is a section of the system log:

Thu Oct 7 22:51:36 2021 kern.info kernel: [ 2105.933547] eth0: link down
Thu Oct 7 22:51:36 2021 kern.info kernel: [ 2105.937200] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered disabled state
Thu Oct 7 22:51:36 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'eth0' link is down
Thu Oct 7 22:51:59 2021 kern.info kernel: [ 2129.486804] eth0: link up (100Mbps/Full duplex)
Thu Oct 7 22:51:59 2021 kern.info kernel: [ 2129.491887] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered blocking state
Thu Oct 7 22:51:59 2021 kern.info kernel: [ 2129.497347] br-lan: port 1(eth0) entered forwarding state
Thu Oct 7 22:51:59 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Network device 'eth0' link is up

Can anyone assist?

For my EAP245 the TP-Link firmware is absolutely rock solid 24/7 so I highly doubt you will find anything in OpenWRT that will get it working “better”.

If not even stock firmware works your hardware is ether broken or you have a fault in some setup in router or switch.

Is the link supposed to be 100Mbps? Otherwise you may have a flaky cable.

Seems like you guys were right. I found myself a good pair of cables which now links the EAP225v3 to my router at 1Gbps. Since then I have not had the constant disconnection/reconnection issue every few minutes.

Throughput on the 5GHz is excellent for my 100Mbps cable broadband connection.

On the 2.4GHz, I was only able to hit 30Mbps at 20Mhz. Increasing the bandwidth to 40Mhz doubled the max speed to about 60Mbps.

The range with OpenWrt was lower than stock firmware after installation. I increased the range by changing my region to USA and selecting the max power.

Sharing these notes just in case someone has a similar device and experiences what I went through initially.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to further increase throughput on the 2.4GHz band, then I will gladly test it out. Thanks.



Sounds nice!
Maybe you can find some tips and tricks about throughput from TP-Link?

Glad to hear you got it to work properly :slight_smile:
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