EAP225 V3 Canada flash back to stock

Hi all,

Thank you so much @svanheule for your work on the EAP2x5 access points.

I had a quick (I hope) question that I hope someone could answer about reverting to stock.

I took a backup of stock version 2.20.1 and concatenated the mtd blocks according to the wiki. I now should have a flashable sysupgrade file. From what I understand, there is no difference between a US or Canadian version of the firmware at this point.

Before I flashed OpenWrt, I upgraded the EAP to the Canadian version of 5.0.5 (after reading the wiki about a reboot bug). From what I understand, the 5.x.x firmware from TP-Link introduced differences between the US and Canadian versions.

This version now required an extra step to flash OpenWrt (which is listed here: TP-Link EAP245 v3 "Bad file." when attempting to flash - #9 by svanheule).

So my question is this:
Can I simply flash my 2.20.1 sysupgrade file from OpenWrt LuCI even though the last stock firmware image before OpenWrt was 5.0.5-CA? Did the Canadian image change any of the other partitions that would cause a brick if I simply flashed the 2.20.1 sysupgradefile from LuCI?

Hopefully this is clear enough! Thanks in advance.

This should be possible, yes.

The additional region info is present on the device's memory since you flashed the CA version, but this is ignored entirely by OpenWrt. Note that if you want to be able to flash a US image from TP-Link's firmware, you may need to modify this information from OpenWrt first.

I know the US/CA difference is present in recent versions of TP-Link's firmware, but this has possibly already been the case for a while. The US version doesn't have any restrictions (so you can perform US to CA upgrades), but the CA version does (so you can't go back to a US version).