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thank you very much for your help, you guys are awesome

can I install luci?

okpg update
opkg install luci

If you install RC3 instead, it should be come with luci.

what is Rc3?

RC3=Release Candidate 3 of the next OpenWRT version.

You can either track the latest / greatest / might-have-new-bugs, or add packages to what you have already if it seems stable.

it will be bad to install luci in a snapshot?


But only doable for the next <24hrs.

like this?

I understood

I can't install luci. cannot connect to the modem. the VIM is giving me not defined, I can't save in the settings. how to install nano and luci via ssh?

Is the 225 on the same subnet as your main router?

I can't edit the files. some problem with VIM. when I try to record and exit I get NOT IMPLEMENT


How is the computer connected?

To the 225 only?

yes, the 225 is just for the switch. when I turn on the modem, I can't fill the 225. and I can't turn on the radios because the VIM isn't working

Do Installing via a snapshot. How do I "switch" from OpenWrt being on my prior lan to behave as the new router? - #8 by frollic , but set dhcp.lan.ignore=1.

Use some other IP on the 192.168.1 subnet, like

Then ssh back using the new IP.


echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf

You should be able to access internet from the 225 afterward.
This is assuming your main modem uses the 192.168.1 LAN side subnet.

I got access to the 225 connected to the router, but I still don't have internet connection on the 225 to install and update